Broker Opinion of Price

Texas Realty Partners, LLC provides Broker’s opinion of price statements for clients and organizations seeking a current market analysis of their commercial real estate, multi-family, office, raw land, and residential properties & homes.

The Texas Realty Partners team will review current market transactions across our multiple data platforms and recent sales transactions. Texas Realty Partners, LLC also works with many excellent local appraisers to provide a formal valuation for estates, related private party transactions, and lender-required valuations.

Please get in touch with Loren Kirkpatrick at (512) 656-8521 to learn more about our Opinion of Price services.

Broker’s Opinion¬†of Price:¬† This represents an estimated sale price for this property. It is not the same as the opinion of value in an appraisal developed by a licensed appraiser under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

Texas Realty Partners, LLC is not a licensed Real Estate Appraiser. Broker Opinion of Price should only be used for information purposes, is subject to change, and should not be used in lieu of an appraisal by Texas licensed professional.